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About the Owner

My name is Brice Stater and I am proud of my employees and the work we create as Stater Homes & Construction.

I began working as a laborer for my father at age 16. By shadowing my father's most seasoned workers, I learned how to correctly frame a house to last a lifetime. As I grew older, I began framing houses, and eventually ran framing crews for my father. Through this process, I have built relationships with my crews and the homeowners we build for.

Most large builders never personally talk to the homeowner

Most large builders never personally talk to the homeowner

as their main concern is constructing a replicated house as quickly as possible. They follow a system, whereas we at Stater Homes & Construction build a custom home suited for you.

I personally talk to each individual homeowner every day, developing a relationship that lives on past the build or remodel. I built my first home in 1994, and I've been fine tuning my craft ever since. I began Stater Homes & Construction the same year, and it became an LLC 12 years later in 2006.

Owning my own business has forced me to recognize the ever-evolving changes that life throws your way. I have taken 3 beautiful kids into my home over the years, and realize that changes need to be made to accommodate their unique personalities. Custom home building works in the same fashion. To someone with no knowledge of Stater Homes & Construction, we may look average, but those who look average are usually hiding something big. We may be a secret to the world, but we are as worthy and unique as the custom homes we work on.

Big construction companies produce quantity,
Stater Homes & Construction produces quality.

-Brice Stater
Owner, Stater Homes & Construction, LLC