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Interior Remodeling

Home Addition

Each home addition project is specific to your needs and personal style. The right home or room addition will depend on your growing family’s needs. Not sure where to start? We’ve broken down the most common home addition projects:

  • Extension Addition: expanding an existing room to create a larger space, such as an open floor plan, bathroom or kitchen
  • Room Addition: this is a basic one-room addition to your home
  • Bathroom Addition: adding a bathroom or half-bath to your home to increase the functionality and value of your home
  • Kitchen Addition: creating a custom kitchen to expand your space, improving the overall functionality of your living space

Choose the right home addition option for you and leave the rest to us. Enjoy a bigger space by getting one of many home addition options in Amarillo, TX today.

Construction worker

Kitchen Remodel

Stater Construction’s comprehensive contractor services include:

  • Custom cabinet creations 
  • Specialty flooring 
  • Countertop installation
  • Electrical & plumbing installation
  • Lighting Installation

Our Kitchen Remodeling contractors have worked with many homeowners who are looking for a new kitchen design. We will scratch your current layout and build a concept that fits your home’s aesthetic. At Stater Construction we can provide the right kitchen remodeling solutions for you and your home while saving you money and time. Our custom products will fit every inch of your home and will be designed to your liking. We work hard to ensure every job exceeds your expectations and is sure to satisfy all your needs.

Hire a kitchen remodeling contractor in Amarillo, Texas to get started on your beautiful new kitchen. Call us today at 806-681-2157.

Kitchen remodel with custom cabinets

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom remodeling services at Stater Construction are top of the line. We offer all the options you can imagine to create a spa-like retreat. Your project is safe in the hands of our team.

You can reach out to us right way to start:

  • Installing bathroom fixtures
  • Installing bathtubs and shower enclosures
  • Remodeling showers
  • Installing bathtub tiles
  • Repairing floors
  • Repairing walls

Our team is so excited to work with you on your bathroom remodel. Contact us right now for an estimate on your project in Amarillo, TX.

Bathroom remodel

Basement Remodel

Do you wish your home was bigger? If so, Stater Construction LLC can help you get that extra space you’re looking for. By finishing and remodeling your basement, you can take advantage of tons of square footage that’s currently wasted.

Here are some of the ways to use the space in your basement:

  • A home theater
  • A home gym
  • A playroom
  • An entertainment space

There are so many basement finishing options, and our team will help you choose the right ones. Call 806-681-2157 right now to discuss your basement remodel in Amarillo, TX.

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